Jay Claude Van S. Dolino

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  • A fitting name for someone who’s unladylike in most aspects.
  • A 21-year old Sagittarian living in the pearl of the Orient seas.
  • I just graduated last year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and currently taking up Masters in Political Science.
  • An Idealist but not to the point of being delusional.
  • An aesthete always drawn by the pulchritude of nature. Also, interested in craftwork and architecture.
  • A music bug leaning to rock, RnB and hiphop though listens to every genre (emphasis on every).
  • An adrenaline junkie, most notably, aerial extreme sports. Itching to skydive since forever.
  • A couch potato.  I enjoy watching anime, movies and US TV series incessantly that I would usually lose track of time and wouldn’t even bother taking a step outside the house.
  • A licensed bibliophile. Fiction books are the bomb.
  • An inactive writer. Used to be part of publications but here and now, I mainly write to vent out my emotions.

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